How to Store Your Artificial Christmas Tree (Step by Step Storage Guide)

Christmas Tree Storage

Nothing brings joy like a beautiful Christmas tree glistening with lights and filled with presents beneath its boughs… and nothing brings frustration like trying to properly and carefully store your artificial Christmas tree when the season is over. Don’t bah humbug, Christmas tree storage can be easily managed with this guide and recommendations for Christmas tree storage bags and boxes.

Step by Step Guide to Storing an Artificial Christmas Tree

While an artificial tree has all sorts of benefits that the real thing doesn’t, one minor point of contention is that you have to store it somewhere year round. If your tree is going to become a permanent member of the household, you’ll want to be aware of the following tips for storing your Christmas tree.

Step 1: Take Off the Decorations

This it a bit of an obvious place to start, but there’s probably plenty of people out there who think they’ll save themselves some time and effort by just leaving the decorations on. Many artificial trees need to be assembled and disassembled, so make sure that all ornaments are removed, along with any string lights you have in the tree.

While you’re at it, you can give the branches a nice dusting with a damp cloth and the duster attachment of your vacuum cleaner. You’ll be thanking yourself next year when you get it out again and it’s all nice and clean.

Step 2: Disassemble the Tree

Before disassembling the tree, make sure that it’s been given time to fully dry (if you wiped it down as suggested in the previous step) and if it features built in lights make sure that it has been unplugged.

Most of the smaller artificial trees come in one piece and fold away in a similar fashion to an umbrella. When it comes to full-sized artificial Christmas trees, however, things can start to get a bit tricky, and since you only do this once a year, you’ve probably forgotten exactly how it works. With any luck, though, you probably still have the instructions around, so always refer to them when in doubt and don’t just hope for the best.

If you do have the space to store your tree without disassembling it, though, upright tree bags are a great option to allow you to store your tree fully assembled. Obviously, you’ll need the space to store it, but it’ll make life a whole lot easier next Christmas when all you need to do is unzip a bag.

Step 3: Pop it in a Bag or Box

While it may seem the logical thing to do, continuing to use your Christmas tree’s box may not quite be for the best. Throughout the tree’s seasonal employment its branches can fluff out quite a bit which could lead to some potential damage when trying to squeeze it back into its box. Trying to fit an artificial tree back in its original package is a bit like trying to fit a sleeping bag back into its packing: it seems to have grown since it was opened.

There are many options available when it comes to bags for your Christmas tree. Many even have wheels so these are pretty heavy duty bags and can take even a heavy tree. You’ll want to ensure though that you’re getting a Christmas tree bag that’s water resistant so the tree remains safe if it’s stored in a basement or garage, for example. Many tree bags also come in sets so that can make life a bit easier than storing one giant bag.

Always be sure to maintain caution while placing each part of your tree in the bag, and if you have a larger tree, it’s always best to overcompensate with an extra large bag to avoid your tree’s branches getting squished.

Once it’s all packed away nicely, keep your tree stored in a cool, dry place. A walk-in or hallway closet may be a good choice. Artificial trees can become discolored by overly warm environments, and in extreme cases they can even melt, which we obviously don’t want. So always make sure that your attic or garage is appropriate, if that’s where you’re going to be hiding it away until next year.

Christmas Tree Storage Boxes vs. Bags: Which is Better?

Storing anything can be a bit of a difficulty sometimes, but that’s especially so when it comes to something as large as a Christmas tree. One of the first things you’ll want to factor into your decision to get an artificial tree storage bag or a storage box for your tree is the space that you have available for it. If you’re looking to save on space, this is where a storage box could come in handy. Storage boxes are especially good for those whose trees are able to be broken down.

On the other hand, perhaps a bag will be best for you? If your tree can’t be disassembled then this is possibly the best bet, although storing a standing tree can obviously take up a fair amount of room.

Overall, it depends on the tree and what your needs and storage capabilities are, but here are some additional points that are worth considering:

  • Is the bag water resistant?
  • Is your tree heavy? Perhaps you need a bag with wheels?
  • Are you going to be storing it disassembled or assembled and upright?
  • What is the cost?

Top 10 Best Christmas Tree Storage Bags and Boxes

There are a lot of options when it comes to Christmas tree storage. Listed in no particular order are the top 11 best for your consideration:

Covermates Keepsakes Christmas Tree Storage Cinch Bag

With exterior cinch straps to secure your tree, padded handles to make carrying easier, and easy organization thanks to an inside pocket, the bag also features dual zippers for quick access and a rubber ID window to help with labeling. It’s also made with heavy duty 600D polyester in a tight weave design to ensure it can withstand wear and tear from the angular edges of your tree. It also features the following:

  • Moisture resistant
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • Fits up to a 9 to 11 foot Christmas tree
  • Dimensions are 60W x 24D x 24H
  • Available in red, green and black
  • Features include padded handles, ID windows, cinch straps, dual pull zippers

Covermates Keepsakes Large Christmas Tree Storage Duffel Bag

With easy organization thanks to its inside pockets and simple carrying thanks to its webbed handles, this bag also features dual zippers for quick access and a rubber ID window to help with labeling. It’s also made with heavy duty 600D polyester in a tight weave design to ensure it can withstand wear and tear from the angular edges of your tree. It also features the following:

  • Moisture resistant
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • Fits up to a 7.5 foot Christmas tree
  • Dimensions are 48W x 24D x 18H
  • Available in red, green and black
  • Features include padded handles, ID windows, D-Ring, storage pocket, dual pull zippers

Rolling Large Christmas Tree Bag

This festive and bright bag will really stand out amongst your other items with its colorful green or red pattern. Also featuring effortless handling thanks to its sturdy wheels, you can be sure that moving and storing your Christmas tree will be effortless with this bag. It also boasts the following features.

  • Moisture resistant
  • 3 smooth rubber wheels to make carrying a heavy tree effortless
  • 3 stitch reinforced handles
  • Fits up to a 9 foot disassembled Christmas tree
  • Dimensions are 55W x 17D x 30H
  • Available in green or red
  • Adjustable buckle straps
  • Two way dual zipper for easy access

612 Vermont Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Able to hold trees ranging from 6 foot to 9 foot tall, this bag also features interior compression straps, wheels, and the following:

  • Padded handles on top and on either side
  • A large U shaped zipper for easy storage
  • Measures 59W x 25D x 22.5H
  • Festive red color
  • ID tag
  • Large, durable plastic wheels for easy moving

Tiny Tim Totes Premium Upright Christmas Tree Canvas Storage Cover Bag

A long-lasting protective bag without the need to disassemble your tree, this storage bag features a thick canvas cover that protects your tree and allows it to remain standing. It also features the following:

  • 3 sizes to fit any tree; 30W x 60H, covering up to a 6 foot tree; 35W x 775H covering up to a 7.5 foot tree; and 45W x 100H covering up to a 9 foot tree
  • Made from a heavy duty canvas
  • No need to disassemble tree
  • Cinch cord at the bottom to keep out moisture, dirt and vermin
  • Festive green color

Super Rigid Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Box

A large, roomy box for storing your Christmas tree, this Christmas tree storage box is made from a breathable canvas to keep out any moisture or mold with a durable cardboard insert and 600 denier Oxford to make sure it lasts. It also features the following:

  • Effortless handling thanks to 3 ultra smooth rubber wheels
  • Moisture resistant
  • Dimensions are 45W x 23D x 16H
  • Wide opening dual zipper
  • Fits up to a 7.5 foot Christmas tree
  • Available in festive red and green colors

Artificial Tree Storage Bag

With reinforced handles and an affordable price point, this bag also features great festive coloring, a waterproof polyethylene plastic and easy access thanks to a two way dual zipper.

  • Dimensions are 48W x 15D x 20H
  • Moisture resistant
  • Available in green and red
  • 3 stitch reinforced handles located either side and on the top
  • ID tag window
  • Competitive price point

Elf Stor Premium Red Rolling Duffel Style Christmas Storage Bag

This extra large bag can fit up to a 12 foot disassembled tree, and provides maximum protection with its heavy duty oxford canvas lined with PVC. It also has the following features

  • Roller blade style rubber wheels
  • Reinforced straps and a built in pulling handle
  • Dimensions are 28W x 24D x 67L
  • Available in festive red or green
  • Fits up to a 12 foot Christmas tree
  • Water resistant

612 Vermont Heavy Duty Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag

This storage bag is made of a durable polyester fabric, and features 3 reinforced handles, along with the following:

  • Can fit Christmas trees up to 9 foot tall and up to 40 inches wide
  • Dimensions are 33W x 33D x 96L
  • ID tag
  • 3 reinforced handles
  • Festive red color

Paula Deen Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Organizer and Storage Container

A heavy duty large holiday bag featuring wheels and a skid plate, this bag also features storage for decorations and lights with a beautiful design and the following:

  • Can fit trees up to 9 foot tall
  • Features heavy duty stain resistant fabric for easy cleaning
  • Has wheels and a skid plate for easy transportation
  • Attractive decorative material
  • Space to store ornaments and lights too
  • Easy zipper opening
  • Features two strong handles


Hopefully this guide takes away some of the stress of Christmas. Follow the steps and grab one of the great Christmas tree bags or boxes to place your tree (and memories) safely away. With your Christmas tree stored until the next year, you can tackle new projects. If you are still struggling with home storage, check out the Ultimate Home Storage guide or get prepared to tackle that hallway or walk-in closet!