Top 10 Best Hallway Closet Organizers

Hallway Closet Organizers

Hallway closet organizers come in a range of options… so many options that it can be challenging to find the right one. Fortunately, this guide walks you through the types of hallway closet organizers, how to choose, and the top 11 best.

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What Are The Different Types Of Hallway Closet Organizers?


A hutch is a specific type of dresser. Putting a dresser in the closet can help move the extra clothing or storage items off the top shelves and into organized drawers. It also acts as a way to divide your family’s different weather clothing wear between drawers for organizational purposes. Each family member gets a drawer to themselves for gloves, scarves, mufflers, and anything else you might want to be kept separated.

Valet Pole

Valet poles are the more traditional way to organize a closet. You can hang your coats, dry cleaning, and heavier clothing. A valet pole is a versatile tool to start organizing your closet. There are multiple types of organizers that you can hang from the pole to organize your items.

Traditional Shelves

Shelves are another common way to start organizing a close. Shelves add a place to put you extra sweaters, towels, or stack your luggage out of the way. They also provide a place to start your organizing with added dividers or totes.

Wall Shelves

A wall shelf can run along the back and the sides of your closet. They can stack up and down the walls providing you with a place to put your extra cleaning supplies or extra home supplies.

Corner Shelves

A corner shelf tucks itself out of the way of your main closet space. It provides you with a place to put your keys, wallet, watch, or extra change that is out of the way and easy to pick up again on your way out the door.

Hanging Bags

A hanging bag is an excellent way to protect those nicer jackets, coats, or that old party dress you occasionally wear. They prevent the buildup of dust and are easy to slide into the back of the closet out of the way of your regular day-to-day items.

Clothing Rods

Your hallway closet can have multiple rods attached to the walls and the door to organize your necessary clothing or extra towels and coats. They are easy to attach and can divide up the closet for your whole family’s needs.

Shoe Boxes

You need shoe boxes for more than just shoes. Many of the hand shoe organizers can help divide up your regular items in stacking cubby holes or boxes and are easy to hang or set out of the way.

Plastic or Fabric Bins

Plastic or fabric storage bins are an easy way to take advantage of the shelves and the floor. You can fill them up with items you don’t regularly use and set them out of the way, or items you need to access occasionally and are easy to pull out of the closet.

How To Choose The Right Hallway Closet Organizers?

The right type of closet accessory for you is one you will need to select based on what is in your closet and how you need it organized. Do your homework before you buy, and you can start with the following for buying guidance. This will ensure that the hallway closet organizers meet your actual needs.

Closet Inventory

Every closet you want to organize requires you to know what is in the closet and what you want to keep in the closet. You know what you will be using the most frequently, so it makes it easy for you to put those items closest to the front of the closet and clean out the stuff you no longer need.

Size of Closet

The size of your closet will dictate what you can put into it. Some customized closet organizational designs will not fit in small closets, or the length of the closet will mean you will need to buy a closet rod that will fit its length.

Number of People Using the Closet

If you are organizing your closet to give each family member’s stuff its own space, you will need to consider how to best organize for each person. You will also need to consider the types of items they will be using and needing, such as a family of four each having a closet rod for hanging coats with a small shoe rack beneath.

Budget for Remodel

Unfortunately, money often dictates the extent of the remodel you will be able to do. You should determine what kind of organization you need for your hallway closet and the extent of your budget you can allow. If you do not have the money for it currently, it is OK to save up for the right kind of tools to make your closet organized.

What Are The Best Hallway Closet Organizers?

What works best for your hallway closet is not necessarily want will work best for your friends and family. Do your research and take your time to make the right selections for your needs.

HOUSE DAY Black Magic Hangers Space Saving Clothes Hangers Organizer Smart Closet Space Saver

The House Day Black Magic Hangers Space Saving Clothes Hangers Organizer Smart Closet Space Saver is a hook with a series of holes so you can hang multiple types of clothing on one hanger. The style cascades down with the capability of holding five different outfits on one hook. The space savers are ideal for small closets and for organizing like items together so you can select which item to use on a given day.

The House Day is hung horizontally or vertically to separate certain types of clothing items onto a hook. They are also good for dividing up your family’s coats and other items into sections. The hooks are sturdy plastic and can support up to five different clothing items at once.

The House Day Space Saver can hold up to five different clothing items at onceThe Space Savers hooks can break
Hooks can hang vertically or horizontallyHooks can slide off the closet rod
The House Day hooks can separate like items from the main closet.

12 Cube Organizer | Set of Storage Cubes Included | DIY Closet Organizer Bins

The 12 Cube Organizer Set of Storage Cubes Included DIY Closet Organizer Bins provides you with a way for a family of four to have a vertical storage bin for themselves. The twelve bins vary in size from small to store smaller items like jewelry or watches to large for shoes or seasonal items.

The bins come in multiple colors and have a reinforced steel frame to prevent sagging from heavy items or distortions in the shape of the bins. You can even put things on top of the storage bins for another layer of hallway closet organization.

The organizer has twelve bins of varying sizesThe storage frame can be difficult to assemble for some people
Fits in most regular hallways closetsFabric could be thicker
The frame of the storage bins is reinforced steel

Anyoneer Under Bed Storage Containers

The Anyoneer Under Bed Storage containers are heavy-duty storage bags. They come with extra thick fabric, double stitching on all seams and handles. The durability and strength extend to the double zippers that are two-way zippers made with number five stainless steel.

The Storage Bags are load-bearing bags you can stack with a capacity up to twenty-four gallons. The bags are three-ply composite to allow ventilation in the bags and protect our items from moisture buildup and odors. The bags also have a see-through front window, so you know what you stored in each bag.

The Anyoneer Closet Storage Bags have double stitching on the seams and handlesThe Storage Bags could have internal braces for more stability
Storage Bags zippers are heavy-duty number five stainless steelStorage Bag Bottoms are too weak for easy staking
The Storage Bags have a see-through front window, so you know what you stored

StorageWorks 6-Shelf Hanging Dresser, Foldable Closet Hanging Shelves with 2 Magic Drawers

The StorageWorks 6-Shelf Hanging Dresser, Foldable Closet Hanging Shelves with 2 Magic Drawers is heavy-duty hanging storage. The six drawers are heavy-duty polyester and canvas, and each drawer has multiple dividers to help you divide up the drawer for its best use.

The Hanging Shelving and drawers come with side pockets for extra storage of smaller items like sunglasses and gloves in your hallway closet. The design is a space-saving design as it is collapsible for you to take down and up as you need.

The Folding shelves have six different reinforced drawers to sort your closet itemsThe Storage Works hanging bag hooks could be stronger
Each drawer in the StorageWorks Hanging dresser has dividers to provide internal organizationHanging storage bags swing while in use
The Folder shelves have side pockets for storing smaller items

Lynk Vela Shelf Dividers

The Lynk Vela, Shelf Dividers clip, onto your shelving and provide individual cubbies to store towels, blankets, and other items. They are simple in their construction are non-wove polymer fabric that has an epoxy coating. The epoxy coating prevents the dividers from moisture damage, and under a layer of steel keeps them strong.

The Lynk Vela Shelf Dividers are a non-woven polymer fabricShelves will not work on wire shelving
Shelf dividers clip to the shelves to prevent their movementThe wire that attaches to the shelves can scar them
The shelf dividers have an epoxy coating to make them water-resistant

Evelots Closet Wood Shelf Divider

The Evelots Closet Wood Shelf Divider is wire shelf dividers. They come with a top and bottom support brackets that lip onto the wood shelf and balance with wire legs for added support. The dividers make it easy to sort towels, blankets, sheets, and shoes into a specific slot on a shelf for themselves.

The Self Divider is made of steel covered in durable plastic. The dividers are easy to move around shelves and are twelve inches tall to create the perfect height for stacking towels and other closet clutter.

The shelf dividers are steel covered in plastic for durable, strong wallsThe wire shelf dividers are not attractive
Evelots Shelf Dividers have front support with back legs to keep them uprightWire base for the shelf dividers could be stronger
The shelf dividers are easy to move around the shelves

MAX Houser 6 Tier Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer

The Max Houser 6 Tier Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer has six different shelves for organizing your closet. The shelves are heavy-duty and can hold multiple towels, bulky sweaters, and other accessories. The Max Houser vertical shelves hang down from the closet rod by two solid hooks.

The Max Houser Hanging Closet Organizer has six different shelves for your stuffThe shelves of the closet organizer could be sturdier
The closet organizer has deep shelves for all kinds of closet clutterThe shelves of the closet organizer could be deeper
The closet organizer can fold up when you are not using it

Whitmor Hanging Shoe Shelves – 8 Section – Closet Organizer

The Whitmor Hanging Shoe Shelves are eight hanging shelves for shoes but can hold almost any small items you need to store from hairbrushes to children’s toys. The fabric is breathable, so it makes it easy to store new bottles of lotion and shampoo without spilling. The shelves and the seams are reinforced to handle the weight of anything that you might need to store.

The Whitmore Hanging Shoe Shelves are breathable fabricThe hooks on the organizer can slip off the clothing rod
Shoe Shelves can organize eight different pairs of shoesCubby holes of the shoe shelves are too small for larger shoes
The seams of the shelves are strong

Simple Houseware 5 Shelves Hanging Closet Organizer

The Whitmor 4 Section Fabric Closet Organizer Shelving has four large cubby holes for storing items with an additional rod provided below to hang towels or pants already in use. The cubbies hand from three poles hooked onto a closet rod.

The Whitmore Closet Organizer shelves are large enough for most accessoriesThe shelves can sag with heavy items
Organizer has an extra bar at the bottom of the organizer to hang more itemsShelves can be bulky
The cubby holes have tight stitch, not rivets

Whitmor 4 Section Fabric Closet Organizer Shelving with Built-In Chrome Garment Rod

The Simple Houseware 5 Shelves Hanging Closet Organizer is five sturdy cubby holes for storing your closet items. Each shelf has a durable mesh pocket for holding smaller items like hairbrushes or sunglasses. The shelves have hooks to suspend them from a closet rod in your home.

The Simpleware Hanging Closet Organizer has five cubby holes to put your stuff inThe bottom of the closet organizer could be sturdier
Comes with mesh pockets to store the little items in your closetPockets can rip if over-used
The closet organizer comes in multiple colors to match your decorations by room


As illustrated above, hallway closet organizers can transform this tiny space. The key is to carefully evaluate your needs, declutter, then optimize the closet. If you need inspiration, be sure to check out the Ultimate Hallway Closet Organization Ideas Guide. Once you master the hallway, its time to tackle the walk-in closet or the bathroom.