Top 10 Best Overhead Garage Storage Racks

Overhead Garage Rack

An overhead garage storage rack is a great option to move and organize garage items off the floor. The choices range from simple storage to entire automated racks. This guide will give you the types, features, and top 10 best. If you are still struggling with garage organization, check out the Ultimate Garage Organization Ideas Guide.

Once you have your rack, use the step by step garage rack installation guide to put it in place.

Garage Storage Rack Types and Features

Researching the types and features of garage storage racks for overhead storage is critical when trying to organize your garage. According to statistics compiled at, one U.S. The Energy Department study explored the state of garage clutter. About 25 percent of people cannot park their cars in their garages because all the junk doesn’t leave enough room.

Garage organizers can make room for other activities – such as parking your car. Labeling your stuff is a worthy practice because it reduces frustration when looking for something. You can organize your system based on alphabetical order, seasonal items or types of things.

Types of Storage Systems for Overhead Garages

According to, garage clutter isn’t just an eyesore and a source of frustration. Clutter is a fire hazard. Over a three-year period, about 6,600 fires started in garages. The reasons for organizing your garage are compelling. The following types and features of storage racks can help you organize any garage:

Wall-mounted Racks

Wall-mounted shelves take advantage of the wall space available in your garage. The best option is to choose a company that allows you to make personal customizations. It’s important to determine the rack’s weight capacity, and you can organize your things accordingly.

Ceiling-mounted Racks

Ceiling mounted shelves in the garage take advantage of unused space. However, it’s important to take accurate measurements of the space between the garage door and the ceiling. You also have to determine whether there’s the right infrastructure to mount the racks.

Adjustable Racks

Adjustable shelves are generally heavy-duty options for overhead storage. These can serve multiple purposes, and you can reconfigure them as needed.

Motorized Storage Racks

If you have a lot of stored items, a motorized storage system works seamlessly to lift and store items quickly. The system provides fast access and multiple ways to store things. You can use a motorized system to take advantage of ceiling space.

Specialty Racks

Specialty racks can be a big time saver because they store sports equipment securely. You can find racks for skis and snowboards, kayaks, bicycles and surfboards.

Pegboard Racks

Most garages accumulate an incredible number of small wares, spare parts, hand tools and other items. Pegboards are easy to customize to organize and secure items.

Cantilever Storage Racks

Cantilever racks are ideal for storing bulky items like lumber, pipe, tubes, fluorescent lights, etc. These items often present storage challenges, and cantilever racks keep things safe. The system keeps tubes and pipes from rolling off, and the racks are easily adjusted.

How to Choose the Right Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Choosing the right rack depends on what you want to store and the necessary weight capacity you need. Overhead storage racks should have a lip to prevent items from accidentally sliding off the rack.

Important Rack-storage Considerations

Choosing a rack has both functional and aesthetic considerations. Carefully designed racks make it easy to store and retrieve your possessions and keep them safe. Careless choices can result in trying to make things fit, which can cause accidents. Some of the most important things to consider when choosing a rack include:

  • Warranties
    Racks are at least semi-permanent storage solutions, so you should buy racks with strong warranties.

  • Protective Finishes
    Racks made from cheap materials can rust and corrode. Make sure that your rack choices are coated to protect from rust, scratches and corrosion.

  • Plan and Organize
    Make a list of your storage needs and budget. Use this information to choose the best storage racks to store what you need. Make sure your rack system comfortably holds the intended storage items. Try to keep items you use more frequently easier to access. Make sure there’s room on one side to place and retrieve items.

  • Layout and Structural Considerations
    Try to use vertical space as much as possible. If you have strong, solid walls, wall-mounted racks might be the best choice. If the roof is structurally sound, you might take advantage of drop-down ceiling racks.

  • Rack Materials
    You have several options of materials. These include metal, wire, wood, and composite racks.

  • Closed or Open Racks
    Some racks might require lids or doors that you can lock. You can lock your rack to prevent access by kids and pets. Storing hazardous materials, firearms, dangerous building materials and valuable items is risky. Locks can prevent unauthorized access.

Top 10 Best Overhead Garage Storage Racks

The following 11 choices include some of the best racks from all the different types of garage storage rack systems:

Suncast BMC3000 Cabinet-Resin Construction for Wall Mounted Garage Storage

Wall-mounted garage organizers tend to offer limited storage when compared to ceiling-mounted racks. However, the Suncast BMC3000 is something of a hybrid between a rack and cabinet. As indicated, the wall-mounted system is completely enclosed, but it provides the convenience of a rack. Inside, separate sections allow you to organize your garage with a heavy-duty resin rack that looks incredible. Features include adjustable shelving, locking handles and protection of dangerous or hazardous materials.

In addition, the rack system comes in a sleek design that resists warping, corrosion and water and chemical intrusion. As a result, the system is just as strong and durable as metal, so it provides a similar level of security. You can protect valuables and keep hazardous materials out of children’s reach – all in one place.

SafeRacks 4 ft. X 8 ft. Overhead Garage Storage Rack

The SafeRacks overhead garage rack is a perfect choice of a ceiling-mounted storage system. The rack has a customizable drop length, so you can store large items. Additionally, the kit comes with step-by-step instructions for DIY installation. This is a heavy-duty rack that holds up to 600 pounds, contingent upon a ceiling that also supports the weight. Moreover, the rack has a powder-coated finish to resist corrosion.

As to durability, the rack is made of industrial-quality steel to ensure safety and security when storing heavy items overhead. Moreover, the rack comes with a lifetime warranty, and the patented design distributes weight evenly over the ceiling joists for additional safety. Additionally, the ceiling brackets, which are 27 inches long, use two ceiling joists for increased strength.

SafeRacks Overhead Storage Combo Kit

A great choice for an adjustable rack is the SafeRacks Overhead Storage Combo Kit. That’s because the racks comprise a complete system for garage storage, and it’s fully adjustable and customizable. Additionally, the rack system comes with a lifetime warranty, and it supports 600 pounds with its unique mounting system.

You can customize your storage system by setting the drop-down ceiling height at different levels. In some areas, you can get the system installed for an additional $125. Additionally, all the manufacturing benchmarks are the same as the 4 X 8 system.

Adjustable Storage System 48 Inch by NZACE

Storage systems for your garage don’t have to be expensive or high-tech. The simple, adjustable and wall-mounted 48-inch garage organizer by NZACE helps you stay more organized. The wall holder is ideal for tools, gardening equipment and janitorial supplies. You can adjust the rack to hold dozens of common garage storage items. Therefore, the system is the most affordable and functional we’ve found for organizing the items that you use regularly.

The ABS rail system attaches easily, has 16 maximum storage units and measures 48 inches wide. At the low price, you can install several of these for different items. The galvanized steel hooks, ABS connectors and mounting hardware are included.

Garage Gator 66069K 6 x 3 Feet Platform Storage Lift, Black, 25 Sq Ft

The Garage Gator 66069K 6 x 3 Feet Platform Storage Lift, Black, 25 Sq Ft serves double-duty as a rack and a hoist to solve the problem of storing and retrieving. Functionally, this simple system lifts items out of your way and returns them when needed. This is a motorized rack system that comes with a downloadable app for phone control. Therefore, the XL Lifter can warn you when the weight is too much.

Features of the Garage Smart Universal hoist include:

  • Accommodates 9-15 ft. ceilings
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lb.
  • Lifting Height: 12 ft., Speed: 30 ft./min
  • Electric 3/10 HP
  • Voltage: 120V/60HZ 3.9AMPs
  • Remote Control Lenght: 15 ft.

FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Pack 2x6ft 24-inch-by-72-inch Wall Shelf Garage Storage Rack Floating Shelves

The FLEXIMOUNTS Wall Shelf is a wall-mounted specialty rack that’s perfect for all types of storage. You can use the rack to store books, vinyl albums and business, school or personal records. In addition,the wall-mounted shelving system is great for storing seasonal items like gardening supplies and snow-management equipment.

Moreover, the rack can hold up to 400 pounds, so it’s ideal for those heavier items like books. You can use the shelves as a pantry system or for storing hobbyist supplies. The rack comes with all necessary mounting hardware, and DIY installation is easy. The shelving units can be mounted side-by-side or stacked to create as much shelf space as you need.

COR Surf Bamboo Surfboard Wall Mount

The COR Surf Bamboo Surfboard Wall Mount Rack is a wall-mounted specialty rack that’s very affordable. The rack fits a variety of boards that include longboards, paddleboards, shortboards, kiteboards, wakeboards and snowboards. In addition, the rack holds up to three boards. The rack’s simple design mounts quickly on your garage wall.

Most importantly for some people, the COR is available in dark wood and bamboo.Therefore, it brings a pleasing aesthetic to your garage decor. Eco-friendly, the rack is manufactured with sustainable wood and rubber. All mounting hardware is included.

FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Piece Storage Rack Set

The FLEXIMOUNTS two-piece storage rack system is perfect for multitasking because it offers a ceiling-mounted rack and hooks for equipment. Additionally, you can store your bicycle off the garage floor to avoid contaminants. Off-floor storage of bicycles and sports equipment can also extend product life. Moreover, the hook system and ceiling rack are made of 14-gauge steel. The rack is capable of supporting up to 600 pounds in total weight.

The 96” C 48” X 40” ceiling storage rack is depth-adjustable. You can add clamps and ceiling hooks to store two or three bicycles, bulky sports equipment, garden tools and other equipment.

Wall Control Pegboard Organizer 4 ft. Metal Pegboard

The Wall Control Pegboard mounts to the wall and organizes your tools flexibly. In addition,you can adjust your storage options by adding, removing or moving pegs. The board accepts any ¼-inch pegs, and you can also use ⅛-inch pegs. Additionally, the wall-mounted rack comes in various sizes that include vertical and horizontal orientations.

The mounting hardware is included, and the system comes with a lifetime warranty. As a result, the finish resists rust and corrosion. Also, you can get a pegboard that attaches to garage walls or drops from the ceiling. The system’s versatility lets you use standard pegs or Wall Control’s more advanced brackets, slotted hooks and shelving. Different models are designed for various storage needs – such as tools, kitchen equipment, small wares, etc.

Dewalt 3-piece Wall Mount Cantilever Rack

The Dewalt wall-mounted cantilever rack provides multiple depths for your storage needs and flexibility. The system is designed to support up to 273 pounds, and the cantilever design is adjustable. This rack is perfect for heavy and bulky items like lumber.

  • Set three different arm lengths – 6 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches.
  • The powder-coated steel finish resists chipping, fading, rust and corrosion.
  • The support arms have a flat tab on the end that prevents rounded objects from falling off the arms.
  • The mounting rails attach equally well to bare studs and finished walls.


With all these choices, its easy to get overwhelmed when thinking about overhead garage storage. The key is to identify the types of items you are storing, how often you will access them, and fit for your space. The Ultimate Garage Organization Guide provides tips and ideas for a holistic garage organization beyond overhead storage. Once you are ready to install, use this step by step guide.