Ultimate Guide to Using Command Hooks (Plus 11 Fresh Ideas)

Command Hooks

Command hooks are one of the most versatile products out there. From hanging clothes and hats to organizing about any area… their power seems limitless. However, you may not be using them correctly. Learn when and when not to use command hooks, how to install and remove, and 11 fresh ideas with this guide.

From hallway and walk-in closets, to about any room in the house, get ready to hook it up.

What’s The Hype Around Command Products?

By now you have probably heard of Command products by 3M. They have an almost cult-like following and claim to make hanging items while keeping your walls damage-free a reality. They are hailed as a hanging and home organization must. Honestly, Command lives up to the hype. Their products actually do adhere firmly to surfaces and can be removed with no damage. For the sake of this discussion let’s focus on the many uses of their hooks.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Command hooks are designed for convenient indoor and outdoor use. They can be used for a variety of purposes and are durable even in extreme conditions. Outdoor and window hooks are specifically designed to hold up against rain and UV exposure. Bathroom hooks can withstand excess moisture.

Each package comes with its own set of adhesive strips to suit its needs (more on that later). Another cool feature of these hooks is their ability to keep a strong bond in extreme temperatures. The adhesive strips can be applied in temperatures as low as 15°F and holds strongly from -20°F to 125°F.

Many Design Options

The hooks come in many designs and sizes. Standard hooks are available in white, metallic, clear, copper, and stainless steel finishes to name a few. Decorative hooks come in more festive colors and designs including a quartz jewelry holder design. When planning your project let your imagination run a little wild. Do thorough research to find the best hook for your needs; you will be surprised at the variety you find.

When Not to Use Command Hooks

At this point, it seems that these products are too good to be true. While the products are a marvel, they are not without their restrictions. There are four basic rules to keep in mind if you want the best experience while using them.

Use on the Right Surface

The adhesive strips are meant to be used on most smooth, finished, and sealed surfaces. This includes surfaces like finished vinyl siding, glass, painted concrete, and fences. This means that porous or curved surfaces will not work. Brick, cars, and rough wood will not be compatible with the hooks.

Avoid Wallpaper

Do not use Command products on wallpaper. Remember the strips adhere to the surface and do not go into the wall. Wallpaper is not durable enough to support the weight of the items you are hanging. Even if it’s light, do not risk it.

Watch the Weight

Pay attention to the weight limits. A command hook can only hold an item up to eight pounds. Each hook is specifically labeled with its maximum weight capacity, so do not assume all hooks carry the same weight. Also, do not try to use multiple hooks to hold heavier items. If you use two eight pound hooks to hold one item, that item’s max weight should be eight pounds, not sixteen.

Stick to the Intended Use

Use each type of hook as intended. As mentioned before, there are specialized hooks and adhesive strips for different purposes. Use window hooks for the windows, outdoor hooks for the outdoors, and bathroom hooks for the bathroom. Always weigh your items and choose the corresponding hook. Avoid using their hooks to hang pictures; there are specific Command strips for pictures.

How to Install Command Hooks

There are few key points to remember before installing your hooks:

  • Some hooks are one piece and others are two pieces. One piece hooks have a smooth, flat back which is applied directly to the adhesive. Two piece hooks have an extra plastic attachment on the back. The hook itself can detach from this plastic, and the plastic is attached to the adhesive.

  • The paper lining the adhesive strips is color coded. All adhesive strips are two sided. One side has lining paper with black print and the other side has colored print. Each color represents the intended use of the strip. Indoor strips have red lining paper. Outdoor and bath strips have blue paper. The side with the black lining paper is applied directly to the surface.

  • Always install at least one week after painting.

Installing Command products is a simple process, but the instructions should be followed closely for the best results.

Step by Step Command Hook Installation

  1. Wipe the desired surface clean with rubbing alcohol. Be sure to use only rubbing alcohol. Water and normal household cleaners leave behind residue.

  2. Separate one adhesive strip and remove the colored lining paper. Adhere the exposed side of the strip directly to the back of the hook, tab facing down. For two piece hooks, adhere it to the plastic attachment.

  3. Remove the black lining paper from the adhesive strip. Press the hook firmly against the desired surface for 30 seconds. For a two piece hook, after the initial 30 seconds, detach the hook hook from the plastic. Press the plastic against the surface for another 30 seconds. Reattach the hook

  4. Wait one hour before hanging items to allow the bond to strengthen. This is an important step and gives you the strongest hold.

Step by Step Command Hook Removal

  1. For a one piece hook, hold the hook firmly on both sides to keep it in place. For a two piece hook, remove the hook, then hold the plastic attachment.

  2. Slowly pull the adhesive strip DOWN using the tab. DO NOT pull the adhesive towards you. Pulling the strip towards you will cause it to tear away from the surface. It will gently stretch out and separate from the surface as you pull down.

The hooks are reusable. To use them again, repeat the install steps with a new adhesive strip.

11 Fresh Ideas For Using Command Hooks

If you’re already a master of home organization, this is the part you’ve been waiting for. While hooks may seem like an overlooked home item, they can do wonders for your home in a practical and beautiful way.

Easy Bathroom Towel Racks

This is a great option if your current bathroom setup has limited towel hanging space (small bathrooms and renters anyone?). Use multiple metallic hooks for a simple, uniform look. Alternatively, use the double hook for a more elegant feel.

Organize Your Entryway

Think of all the clutter that happens when you first come home. Keys get thrown on the counter, book bags get dropped, and shoes are kicked around. Use a variety of hooks to create a “control center” for an organized entry way. Use double hooks for light jackets, eight pound hooks for bags, and small clear hooks for keys. Hang a fun “shoes here” or “keys here” sign to make the space more visually appealing and easy to use.

Organize Your Garage

Let’s be honest; garages are the catchall for the entire family’s junk. Want to know the best way to clear this junk? Take advantage of vertical space. Hang loose tools, step stools, gardening, and outdoor cleaning tools along the walls in the garage. Group them together according to use or even size. Use the heavy duty hooks to hang slightly heavier items. Use the same style or finish for a seamless look.

Revamp Your Kitchen Organization

Speaking of vertical space, take advantage of all that precious wall space in the kitchen. Buy matching hooks and use them to hang spatulas, spoons, pot holders, cutting boards, and other other every day kitchen tools. This keeps them organized and easily accessible. Extra points if all of the utensils match or have fun designs.

Customize Your Grill

We already established that the hooks can be used on any smooth surface. Did you know that includes some cook tops? If you have a large grill with an attached prep station take advantage of this space. Use an outdoor stainless steel hook along the edge of the prep station (away from the fire) to keep the spatula and tongs at arms reach while cooking.

Create a Craft Center

Whether you are generally crafty or need to do a major Christmas wrapping night, using hooks to organize your supplies. Hang scissors, rulers, and tape measure with ease. Want to be really creative? Use two curved hooks and a small dowel to make an easy tape and wrapping paper dispenser.

Hang Your Plants

With indoor and outdoor hooks available, you can hang light plants anywhere. Use hanging plants to spruce up a patio or create a relaxing bedroom environment. Some have even made hanging herb gardens to keep fresh herbs in the kitchen.

Finally Wrangle Those Cords

Place a few command hooks behind a desk or entertainment center, to keep track of all of your cords. Keep one hook to wrap the excess of each cord and prevent tangling. To further organize, wrap a small piece of tape around each cord to color code or label them. If you have appliances with smooth, flat surfaces, attach a hook to them directly and wrap their cords too.

Create Under Sink Organization

Underneath the bathroom and kitchen sinks tend to be a nightmare of stuff. Use hooks to gather loose reusable bags, hang spray bottles, and hang cleaning gloves. Hang a small container to corral sponges, cleaning brushes, and smaller bathroom items. You can even hang blow dryers and flat irons on the inner cabinet door with them.

Create a Unique Art Display

Use two command hooks that suit your style, a fun connector (think rope, fairy lights, or a nice dowel), and binder clips to display art. This can be personal art, prints, children’s art, or even photos. Use this system to change out art as you please or keep adding rows to create a mini gallery.

Streamline Seasonal Decor

Both indoor and outdoor hooks are reusable and long lasting, so why not use them between seasons? You likely reuse similar spaces for decor like your front door, banister, or mantle. Keep a neutral hook in this spot and simply switch out your decor as needed. For example, your fall wreath, mistletoe, or spring welcome sign can all share one hook on the door. Keeping the hooks in your go to decor spots makes switching decor easy and fast.


Before you hook it up with command hooks, be sure that you have selected the right type by intended use. Watch the weight and reduce the possibility of damage by following the installation and removal instructions. With these things in mind, review the ideas above, and you should be all set.