Top 5 Best Bathroom Organizers

Bathroom Organizers

Transform your bathroom from a small cluttered space to a true throne room. Bathroom organizers can store essential items, from toiletries to shower items, in a discreet and clean manner. This guide walks you through the bathroom organizer types, how to choose the right types, and finally a listing of top 5 best across the bathroom organizer types.

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Bathroom Organizer Types

When it comes to staying organized, your bathroom can be a difficult room to tackle. There are so many different products that you need to keep handy there, including soaps, cleaners, and beauty products. Makeup, facial cleaners, and haircare products will all need to find places on the counter. Cleaning supplies might go under the sink, but even so, a bathroom can easily become disorganized.

Cotton swabs, lipstick tubes, and lotions can easily get lost in a disorganized bathroom. However, bathroom organizers are a great way to make sure you can easily find what you’re looking for—and they can be great space savers, too.

Shower Caddy

A simple way to keep your bathroom nicely organized is by using a shower caddy. If you don’t want shampoo bottles to clutter the rim of your bathtub, then a caddy is essential.

Shower caddies come in different types. Some hang from the shower head and others are mounted in a corner. Corner caddies are especially useful for showers without tubs. They’re useful for organizing shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles. Many can also hold soap bars and razors and have hooks to hang a loofah. If you want everything to have its place and your shower to stay uncluttered, you may need a caddy.

Organizer Shelves or Drawers

For bigger items, an organizer shelf may be useful. You can store leaners, toilet paper, fresh towels, and bottles of shampoo on a shelf or in an extra drawer. If you lack counter space, shelf or drawer organizers are useful because they’re often free-standing. They conserve space by giving extra vertical storage room.

Some shelves fit into corners or over your toilet, while others fit in the cabinet under your sink. These are a good way to use these spaces to organize your bathroom items.

Countertop Organizer

Finally, to keep your bathroom sink area organized, you may need the type of organizer that sits on the countertop. Different compartments can hold various items, especially makeup, lotions, and other facial care items.

Some small organizers can also fit into bathroom drawers to help you keep items organized inside. If you have trouble locating new toothbrushes or cotton swabs when you need them, these small-item organizers may be useful for you.

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Organizers

Several factors will determine what kind of organizer will be best for your bathroom. The first consideration will be space: where will your organizer go? Bathrooms aren’t usually all that spacious, and in fact one of the biggest benefit of organizers that they’re great space savers. But if you don’t have much floor space, then an under-the-sink organizer may be better than a freestanding shelf.

Keep it Small and Focus to Space Savers

Smaller organizers may be best if you want to keep your bathroom tidy without spending much money. While organizers that fit over the toilet may look nice and hold more, simple plastic countertop organizers won’t break your budget.

If you’re low on counter space, then an organizer that goes inside a drawer or cabinet may be a good way to save space. A freestanding organizer with drawers may even save you more countertop room and give you better storage.

Keep it Specific to Your Needs

Another tip for choosing the right organizer is to keep in mind what you need to keep in it. Shelf and drawer organizers are best for items that you don’t need to keep handy all the time. These organizers may best suit cleaning supplies, unopened packages, and fresh towels.

On the other hand, makeup and other personal care and beauty products may need organizers all to themselves. Especially if you have many different products, keeping track of them all can be difficult. Countertop organizers for these are useful to make sure you can find the hair pin or lipstick shade you’re looking for.

You also may need to choose a specific caddy depending on what kind of shower you have. If your shower head is on a hose, or if you have a lot of haircare bottles, then a corner caddy may be best. Otherwise, if you’d like to hang your loofah on your caddy to dry, then a caddy that hangs from the shower head may be better.

Top 5 Best Bathroom Organizers

Many factors go into deciding which organizers are the best fit for your bathroom. To help you choose, this list reviews eleven of the best organizers on the market. Whether you want a shower caddy, a shelf or drawer organizer, or a countertop organizer, these top picks can help you decide which is best for your needs.

mDesign Metal Wire Bathroom Tub & Shower Caddy

Firstly, the metal wire shower caddy by mDesign is a hanging organizer with six slots for shampoo and other bottles. It also has two small trays for soap and two hooks to hang a razor or loofah, all made of wire, so water won’t pool. This type of organizer is particularly good for keeping shower items easy to access.

Drawbacks of the mDesign, however, are that it comes in two pieces. This means you’ll need to assemble it carefully to ensure it won’t fall apart during use. Some customers also found that it couldn’t handle enough weight for larger bottles. Others were concerned that the wires bent easily out of shape.

UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet

For a shelf organizer without drawers, the Utex three-shelf organizer is a great space-saving choice. Sturdy and coated in a thick plastic that’s easy to clean, this shelf is fits easily over most toilets. Once assembled, it provides convenient shelving if you have items you want to keep close to the toilet.

Complaints mainly center around the difficulty to assemble this shelf. Additionally, a supporting board in the back might interfere with the water pipes to your toilet.

Vanity Drawer Beauty Organizer

A countertop organizer with more reliable drawers is the vanity organizer by Besti. Its compact wooden construction and three small drawers at the bottom make it sturdy and strong. Since these drawers are small and fully encased, they’re unlikely to get overloaded or fail to slide as they should.

The benefit of the Besti is its many small compartments, which are useful for separating small cosmetics and hair products. However, some customers found the craftsmanship on this organizer too rushed compared to the price. Others felt like the compartments were too small to be useful.

Mantello Makeup Organizer Vanity Organizer

A countertop makeup organizer that may avoid these drawbacks is the Mantello organizer, which also has drawers. Since this organizer is plastic, the drawers will fit and slide easily. The very low price still gets you a sturdy organizer with lots of spots to organize medium- and small-sized cosmetics.

Some users found that when this organizer was fully loaded it might not be stable enough to move. The white plastic may also scuff and be difficult to clean. However, an additional benefit is the holes at the bottom, which prevent liquids from pooling.

Polder Style Station

Finally, the Polder style station is different from the others. Instead of being all-purpose, it’s meant specifically to hold hair styling tools like a hairbrush, dryer, and straightener. Its metal mesh lets your styling tools cool down after use, and it has a compartment in the back to hold coiled cords. However, large hair dryers may be too large for this compact design. Also, if your straightener or curler is too hot, it may cause the plastic to warp.


With these bathroom organizers, you are sure to organize and give your bathroom the royal treatment. Once conquered, move room by room to determine other optimal storage ideas. Closets are a great next space to tackle, as these tend to hold the most items, and are a large source of stress.