Top 11 Best Home Office Organizers

Home Office Organizers

Home office organizers come in all shapes and sizes, but which one do you need? Choosing the right one for your home office depends on several factors. This guide walks you through types of home office organizers, how to choose, and the top 11 best. If you can’t find the right organizer, you can always get into woodworking and make your own.

Once your home office is in order, head over to your walk-in or hallway closet to maximize those spaces.

What Are The Different Types of Home Office Organizers?

Desk Organizer

Desk organizers come in all shapes and sizes. They can organize your file folders, pens, paperclips, and post-it notes depending on the shape of the organizer and material. The organizers match the size of the materials they gather, such as the pen cups being just the right sizes for pens or a filing system is at least 8 ½ x 11 to fit most paper folders and files. The right space savers can make all the difference between an organized desk and a cluttered one.

Wall Organizer

Wall organizers gather your file folders and other home office items into one place where you can find and display them to your advantage. The hooks are often made of high-quality metals, though sometimes they are plastic, and often a wall organizer can also be a desk organizer if it comes with extra hooks for displaying it on a wall.

Inner Desk Organizer

Tray organizers are nothing new. They are most often a mesh or plastic, and they all you to hold your clips, pens, batteries, and other inner-desk items in one place where you can find them. It helps to prevent them from rolling around your desk or getting shoved to the back of the drawer

How To Choose The Right Home Office Organizer?


The first thing to consider before remodeling your home office or buying any supplies is to consider what kind of space you are working with. Space determines how many different space-saving home office storage you can add to your office.

Products To Organize

If you need to organize just your client files, focus on what will keep them in order. If you have pens and paperclips, try finding the right small boxes to help keep them in order. Consider all your items before you buy and where you will be putting them. The best home office storage is the one that fits your space and your home business.

Client Files

Keeping your client files organized is extremely important for the well-being of your practice, and having the right filling system and the right space savers, will keep them in order. You will never lose the client’s paperwork again. You will also be able to keep your billing straightened out if you keep a paper record.


There is plenty of mail from bills to client communications. Having the right home office organizers will keep your new mail where you need it. It will also keep your bills current and your invoices paid in full.

What Are The Best Home Office Organizers?

Listed in no particular order, with pros and cons, are the 11 best home office organizers. If these don’t meet your particular needs, consider woodworking to customize a solution.

Mindspace Office Desk Organizer with 6 Compartments + Drawer

The Mindspace Office Desk Organizer has six separate compartments for everything you need to store. The compartments file upright journals and notebooks, paperclips, pens, staplers, or anything else you might need to organize.

The MindSpace Organizer is solid, as well as lightweight. It is a mesh metal to help you see into the compartments for what you are storing, but also small enough to fit neatly on your work desk without taking up too much room. The edges are rounded so you can grab them easily and not pinch or cut yourself.

The six compartments of the Mindspace Organizer fit almost every type of office supplyThe organizer does not fit an 8.5 x 11 notebook
The Organizer is small and lightweight, which is easy to fit and move as you needThe organizer may be too small for some home offices
The Mindspace organizer comes pre-assembled, so you use it right out-of-the-box

Jerry & Maggie – Office Storage Rack Adjustable Wood Display Shelf

The Jerry and Maggie – Desktop Organizer Office Storage Rack is adjustable for your home office needs. The shelves are made of natural wood with no harmful chemicals used in its construction. The wood is thick and sturdy enough to hold multiple books or even house plants. The rack adjusts to having up to five different sized shelves and is only six pounds after assembled.

The organizer is a space-saver because of its design, and it can fit on most home office desk spaces. It provides you with plenty of space for all your home office supplies while remaining unobtrusive.

The Jerry and Maggie Desktop Organizer is an all-natural wood constructionThe protective coating for the organizer can peal up
The Desktop organizer has chemical-free manufacturingThe organizer is too big for smaller desks
You can adjust the organizer as you need for your needs

AmazonBasics Mesh Six Slot File Storage Office Organizer with Double Tray

The AmazonBasics Mesh Six Slot File Storage Office Organizer is perfect for the person with a handful of clients. There are six separate slots for six file folders. You can also organize your mail, current files, important paperwork, and bills. There are also several lower slots for current paperwork and a variety of home office supplies such as staplers.

The Storage office organizer is a durable mesh wire that is sleek and professional. The mesh holes are small to prevent anything from slipping through, yet open enough for you to see what files or paperwork you are storing. You can customize the wrack as you need to make the pieces disassemble from one another, as you need.

The organizer has six slots for files and other paperworkThe AmazomBasics Organizer could weight more for heavier files
The organizer is a durable mesh so that you can see through to your filesThe organizer is not strong enough to stack
The AmazonBasics Organizer has rubber pads to prevent the organizer from moving

Simple Trending 5-Trays Mesh Desk File Organizer

The Simple Trending 5-Trays Mesh Desk File Organizer has four vertical trays for large file folders or several papers. The lower tray has two side cubbies for holding post-it notes and a center tray for paperclips, pens, or for anything else you might need to organize.

The file organizer is a wire mesh and wireframe. It comes with small rubber pads so you can sit it on your desk and keep it from sliding around. It also comes with wall-mounting hooks so you can mount it on the wall next to your desk to keep the space on your desk clear.

The Simple Trending Tray comes with four vertical slots for file foldersThe organizer is hard to assemble
You can mount your tray on the wall or rubber feet to let it stand on your deskThe trays can move if you don’t tighten them completely
The tray is a wire mesh for visual convenience

Simple Trending 4-Trays Mesh Office Supplies Desk Organizer

The Simple Trending 4-Trays Mesh Office Supplies Desk Organizer is a desktop or hanging filing system. The organizer comes with three trays for folders and one giant one down the back for larger files or a journal. The bottom tray has two mesh drawers for holding paperclips or other office supplies. The middle compartment has a lower front section so you can slide the entire set up out of the frame, as needed.

The Organizer is a mesh construction with solid wireframing. The frame comes with small rubber feet to protect your desk from scratches. The frame also comes with hooks so you can hang it on the wall of your home office out of the way.

The simple Trending Organizer has three front trays for files and paperworkThe hanging slats are too far apart for some purposes
The frame of the organizer has a backfile holder for larger files or journalsThe trays can bend with heavy loads
The Simple Trending Organizer is wire construction

4 Pockets – Wall Mount/Over Door Office Supplies File Document Organizer Holder

The 4 Pockets – Wall Mount/Over Door Office Supplies File Document Organizer Holder is perfect for displaying multiple files for client paperwork or organizing your bills, memos, and other types of invoices. The organizer hangs on the wall, which keeps it out of the way of your desk.

It is heavy-duty to prevent it from falling off the wall. The organizer is rip-resistant for larger-than-average files. The system comes with two over-door-hangers so you can hang it on the back of your office door as well.

The organizer can hang on the wall or the door of your home officeThe hooks that come with the organizer are too small for the walls of a cubical
You can put larger-than-average files in the holder as it is rip-resistantThe pockets do not fit larger notebooks
The organizer is heavy-duty

Bextsware 5-Tier Mesh Desktop Organizer File Folder with Sorters Basket

The Bextsware 5-Tier Mesh Desktop Organizer comes with four slanted file folder slots to prevent files from sliding out. They are easy to grab and with the bottom basket holding all your small office supplies such as paper clips, post-it notes, and erasers. There is plenty of room between the shelves and the bottom storage area for extra-large files and materials.

The organizer is mesh and wire construction. It is easy to assemble with rubber feet to keep it from scratching your desk.

The size of the shelves on the organizer is extra largeThe assembly instructions could have more detail for the organizer
The shelves on the organizer tilt upwards to keep files from falling outThe drawer has no track, so it can easily slide out
The construction is high-quality steel

CAXXA 3 Pack Stackable Mesh Tray Desktop Organizer

The CAXXA 3 Pack Stackable Mesh Tray Desktop Organizer comes with two solid top shelves so you can organize your in/outbox or keep your most active files close by. You can store your paperclips and posts in the large pull-out bottom drawer. The entire shelving of the files is wide enough for regular 8 ½ x 11 paper.

The organizer is a low-profile organizer that takes up little room on your desk. It comes with little rubber feet that prevent it from sliding around your desk.

The CAXX organizer comes with two deep shelves to organize paperworkThe drawer can make the organizer move when you pull it out
The bottom shelving drawers pull out so you can get to your paperclips and other office suppliesThe trays do not completely lock in, so you need to be careful grabbing files or paper
The organizer fits regular sized paper without bending it

SimpleHouseware 6 Tier Wall Mount Document Letter Tray Organizer

The SimpleHouseware 6 Tier Wall Mount Document Letter Tray Organizer has five tilted file folders for organizing your paperwork. The tilted design helps prevent folders and paper from sliding out. The bottom of the organizer is a tray that you can put your stapler or post-its at the bottom of it.

The organizer is a metal construction that is sturdy enough to hang on your office wall. The construction of the organizer is easy to accomplish for a solid hanging unit.

The shelves of the organizer are an extreme angle to prevent files from falling outThe shelves of the organizer do not lock in place, so you need to be careful about grabbing files
The bottom shelf of the organizer can hold post-it notes and staples as you needThe organizer does require assembly after purchase
The organizer is a sturdy metal construction

Magicfly Hanging Wall File Organizer, 24 Pockets Hanging File Folder Organizer

The Magicfly Hanging Wall File Organizer is perfect for organizing up to twenty-four files. Each slot for a file folder has a small slot for a label so you can know what file is in each slot. There is a bottom row of six different pockets so you can store pens, scissors, or other office tools.

The organizer can hang on the wall or the back of a door, out of the way of your desk. The pockets and frame have six hundred D cloth construction and come with reinforced hooks to prevent them from falling off the wall or door.

The MagicFly Organizer can hang up to twenty-four files on a door or the wallThe pockets of the organizer could be deeper to hold larger folders
The organizer has a bottom row of pockets for general office suppliesThe hooks of the organizer can bend with too much weight
The organizer is sturdy six hundred D cloth construction

AmazonBasics DSN-02950 Mesh Desk Organizer

The AmazonBasics DSN-02950 Mesh Desk Organizer is a small organizer that can sit on your desk next to your computer. It has four smaller circular slots so you can store pens and pencils. The organizer has a plastic middle compartment section to store clip, pins, tape, or any smaller office item. It even comes with a bottom drawer for storing your post-it notes out of the way.

The organizer is a lightweight mesh model that arrives as a single piece. The drawer slides in and out easily without getting stuck and sits out of the way of the rest of your home office materials.

The organizer has four slots for pens and pencilsThe tray that divides the paperclips could be larger on the organizer
The AmazonBasics organizer has a small top storage area for paperclips and other suppliesThe organizer could be bigger
The organizer has a slide-out drawer for post-its or other supplies


With these tips and recommendations for the best home office organizers, you are sure to declutter your office space. If by chance you need something more custom, some simple woodworking will allow you the flexibility to build what you need.

Next project up… tackle your hallway or walk-in closet with the right organizers.