22 Mind Blowing Home Organization Stats

Mind Blowing Home Organization Stats

With all of the things we have to do every day, it can be difficult to keep up with the housework on top of everything else. However, a clean home can help us do a lot more in our day and make us feel better. Here are 22 home organization stats to help get you motivated.

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Experts estimate the average person looks for misplaced items for 3,680 hours throughout their lifetime.

Remember this home organization statistic the next time you are rummaging around your home looking for your keys or a pencil. Think about all of the time you could save by keeping things in one particular place. A couple of seconds putting things away in the first place could save you time down the road.

23% of people end up paying late fees because their bills are disorganized.

Late fees can really add up. If you continue to pay late, it can also greatly affect your credit score, causing you to pay more on loans or lose the ability to get loans all together. Set up reminders on a calendar at home or on your phone and organize a budget to help you pay on time.

Stress is a possible contributor to 80% of medical expenses

Health is everything. Without health, nothing else matters. Eliminate clutter and organize your life to help eliminate a large source of stress in your life. Once you do this, you may be helping your health and your pocket book.

The most commonly misplaced items include keys, sunglasses, phones, and paperwork.

Since you know what the most commonly misplaced items are, you can plan for it accordingly. When organizing, start by finding a place for these items. Of course, you handle these items quite often, making keeping them organized more difficult. You can also look for products that can help you find the items when lost. For example, you can put an item on your key chain that will beep to help you find it quickly when lost.

Only 22% of men do chores every day as opposed to 50% of women.

Throughout recent history, women have been seen as the part of the family tasked with keeping the home clean and organized. Despite the fact that women must work now, many women are still expected to maintain this responsibility. Since women are contributing more to the bills, it’s time for men to do their part around the house to keep things organized. This might be one of the more impact of the home organization stats

We only use about 20% of the items we own.

It may seem shocking, but we hardly use the things we own. Many of the clothes, shoes, beauty products, tools, kitchen gear, and decorations we use are in a closet or another home storage area not to be touched. Use space savers to keep these things in its proper space without taking up too much room. Just make sure you label everything so you know where it is when you need it.

Eliminate 40% of housework by getting decluttering your home.

Cleaning is already time consuming as it is. You want to get rid of as much of the work as possible. Do that by giving everything a space. You will be able to focus on keeping things clean as opposed to putting things away. You’ll also be able to get a better idea of what needs to get done.

25% of people with a 2 car garage cannot park their cars in it.

Parking your car in the garage can help protect it and keep it safe. Unfortunately, too many people need to use the space in their garage for storage of other items. using space savers in the home and garage can help provide more room. You may even be able to start parking your car in the garage again!

31% of Ikea customers say they felt more satisfied after cleaning their closets than they did after sex.

Sex is a beautiful, wonderful thing, but have you ever completely organized your closet? This statistic, while surprising, is completely understandable. When you get yourself clean and organized, you will get a strong sense of relief. You may even feel so good that you and your partner decide to mess up the bed.

Need help getting started? Use our ultimate guides for hallway and walk-in closet organization.

47% of people have felt stress about their home not being organized enough.

When you walk into your home after a long day and see how unorganized it is, that is a serious source of stress. You want to relax, but you can’t. You will have to clean a little bit. That means that you may not get enough sleep. Either that or you will come home from work and experience the same stress the next day.

1 in 9 women were late to work looking for a part of their outfit.

Getting ready in the morning can be stressful in itself. There never seems to be enough time. Plus, being late can cause someone to get in trouble at work. Women tend to require more time to get ready. Unfortunately, if they can’t find what they need in their closet, it can make them late. An organized closet can help keep women on time.

45% of people would consider hiring a professional organizer.

It may seem easy to get organized. However, when you get started, you will see just how difficult it can be. You need the right home storage items. You also need to know where to put them and what to put into storage and what to keep out. A professional can do all of the work for you, and they have the know-how to do it in the most effective way.

44% of people think that a messy home encourages them to make poor food changes.

We are all responsible for the things we eat. However, the environment around us takes a toll on our decision. When the world around us is chaotic, we may give in to eating junk food. Junk food can be quicker, making us think that we will have more time to clean up. Usually, the food won’t give us the right nutrients to keep us energized to get anything done.

The cleanliness of their work space is embarrassing to 35% of people.

Many people do some if not all of their work at home. It’s important to keep this space clean. It will not only help you get more done throughout the day, but it will help you feel better when people come over.

97% of realtors believe that people looking for homes care more about closet space than the attic or garage.

We put a lot of things in the closet. We want to have space for all of it. More people prefer to have a large closet than space for other items. To help keep yourself organized, think about your closet from the moment you start shopping for a house.

There are 4 closets in the average household.

The closet is an important space in your house. It’s where you go every morning to start your day. Going to an organized closet is important to set the tone for the rest of your day. This includes the other people in your home, too. You need to keep every closet in your home clean and organized.

There are roughly 300,000 items in the average household.

That’s a lot of stuff and the largest of the home organization stats! You need to find a place for 300,000 items. This includes the items in your bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, garage, basement, and attic. If you have a larger household, you probably have even more items to put away. Don’t let it get away from you.

10% of women feel sad when they open their closet.

Looking at a disorganized closet is not uplifting. It’s a reminder of the things you need to do. It’s also a reminder that you will probably have a difficult time when looking for something. This mood can carry on for the rest of the day. When we go into the rest of the day with a bad mood, we may end up having trouble personally and at work. It’s best to create a closet that makes us happy.

There are two main reasons people don’t get organized: time and being overwhelmed.

It can be difficult to find the time to get organized. When we finally do find the time, it can be intimidating. It’s important to make the time. To make it easier, tackle one small task at a time. If you do one task a day every day, you will see a difference soon.

Storage is a $154 billion industry.

We have so many things nowadays that we sometimes can’t even fit it in our homes. This means we have to buy additional space to store out stuff. This ends up costing a lot of money. We can use this money for a variety of different other things, such as vacations or college for your kids. If you organize your home properly, you may be able to fit everything in your home instead of paying for a storage unit.

80% of clutter in our home is due to a lack of organization- not a lack of space.

Many people excuse the clutter in their home as a result of not having enough space. However, you’ll be amazed at what you can do with a limited amount of space. If you use the correct tools, you’ll be able to fit all of your items in your home in a purposeful manner. When everything has a place, your home will seem a lot bigger. You’ll also be a lot more relaxed.

People label the garage the most disorganized area of the house 50% of the time.

The closets aren’t the only place that you should focus on when getting organized. You need to focus on the garage, too. Your garage offers a substantial amount of space. It’s a great location for the things in your home that you don’t use regularly throughout the year and don’t need accessible at all times. Get storage bins, shelves, hooks, and organizers in your garage so that you can move the clutter in your home out of the way into the garage.


It can be difficult to find the motivation to get organized. While home organization can take some time and money initially, it will save more time and money in the long run. Organizing may even reduce stress enough to help keep you healthy. Hopefully, these home organization stats can help set a fire under you to get the chaos in your home under control.